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Busílis da Comunicação, Loja das Tábuas and Busílis Concept Store belonged to the same partners, who intended to create a group to unite these 3 independent brands. The challenge then was to develop a brand strategy and create a cohesive and coherent identity across this entire universe.


Strategically, we started by defining a brand architecture with a clear and logical structure of the existing store portfolio and brands. Thus, we concluded that it was necessary to create a new brand that brought together all the sub-brands, as well as to carry out a rebranding.

This is how Maison Busílis came to be as a mother brand, with an underlying concept that reflects the sophistication and elegance shared by the entire group, conveying the quality and excellence that shine through in the products and services provided by the 3 brands.

The choice of typography was based on the concepts of sophistication and simplicity that the brand wishes to convey. From its curved lines and the contrast between thicknesses, combining straight lines and soft and delicate curves, the logo of the mother brand was created, which inspired the development of its sub-brands and the brand as a whole.

During the project’s implementation, it became clear that we needed to include secondary typography. Besides complementing the main one, it also created a contrast, resulting in ambivalence and balance between the more technological look of the Pitch Sans typography and the exuberant elegance of Voyage.

To bring greater synergy to the brands and maintain a conscious and solid communication, we performed a chromatic reorganization , carefully choosing colors that singled out the parent brand and each of the sub-brands.

The black and gray of Maison Busílis highlight an institutional but sophisticated profile. For Busílis da Comunicação we selected blue, a tone related to information and technology. Yellow went to Loja das Tábuas, as the strongest and most recognizable sub-brand. Finally, we opted for a bolder and more striking orange, taking into account the great diversity of products in the Busílis Collection.

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