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Busílis da Comunicação, Loja das Tábuas and Busílis Concept Store belong to the same group. Mojobrands was challenged to develop a cohesive and coherent identity that would highlight the essence of a mother brand and at the same time single out these 3 sub-brands.


The rebranding called for a basic restructuring and an in-depth strategic development that led to the creation of Maison Busílis, the aggregative mother brand. This concept reflects the sophistication and elegance shared by the entire group, conveying the quality and excellence that shine through in the products and services provided by the 3 brands.

We established a new architecture and rebranding through a detailed analysis process, geared towards generating a synergistic effect and combining identities, colors, typographies, and graphic supports in order to emphasize the transversal idea of sophistication, simplicity, and unity.

Busílis Comunicação, Loja das Tábuas and Busílis Collection, all represent the next phase of development. Busílis Communication makes graphic arts its way of communicating, developing printing works, patterns, assemblies, and events with boundless creativity and imagination.

To add a personal touch to your home and kitchen, Loja das Tábuas offers everyday useful products with a customizable identity that both respects and reinvents traditions. In turn, at Busílis Collection you can find unique and irreverent decoration items, utilities, and accessories from creators and brands such as Hats & Cats and Lobo Taste.

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