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ZØR is a Portuguese company that develops and markets technology solutions that ensure the thermal chain of thermo-sensitive products during transportation, handling, and storage operations, even in extreme situations. The proposed challenge was to create an identity that reflected the ideals and way of working of this company.


ZØR positions itself globally as a partner for the thermal chain challenges, bearing in mind future trends: sustainability, digitalization, data information, and artificial intelligence. As well as studying and building solutions tailored to each individual issue. In short, they have a future-oriented mindset strongly marked by the ability to adapt. They adapt the solution to the product. They adapt the temperature to the product’s needs. So adaptability was the focus of the new identity.

Therefore, to portray the dynamism and versatility of this company we used the square as a reference, having this geometric shape been applied in the developed graphic identity, from the logo and icons to the typography. As for the color, we kept the blue, highly linked to the technological world, as it exudes confidence and represents the cold chain from the early days of the brand. However, we changed the tones to assign each color to a different sector of ZØR. We also introduced gradients to illustrate the transition of temperature or the brand’s connection with the sector it is aimed at.

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Rua Roberto Ivens, 1280 – S12
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Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão, 28
1350-315 Lisboa, Portugal

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