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The Ferreira group, one of the largest holdings in the construction and real estate industry, chose Mojobrands to plan and carry out its corporate event. Their goal was to present their annual results, bring employees together under the brand and showcase the group’s current and future projects.
Being a holding company headquartered in the North of Portugal, but with a strong presence throughout the country, reinforcing the “Ferreira” identity became a priority.


To achieve these goals, we had to put together an event, with a concept and identity that would convey the brand’s messages, and that would offer several interesting pointers to keep Ferreira’s employees engaged throughout the day.
The core business of these companies is to work on real estate spaces, either by building or refurbishing them. For the event’s narrative, we extended this idea, following a creative dimension. Hence, the concept for the event: Urban Creators.
Regarding the planning of the event, we reserved slots for corporate presentations, motivational speeches, and entertainment, to ensure that the day would be appealing and entertaining.
The brown and orange of the Ferreira Build Power brand were dominant in the event, and the embedded square shapes were used to express the concept of belonging.

Upon arrival, the guests were treated to breakfast and received a welcome kit allusive to the event.
Besides the usual institutional presentations, a moment was set aside to present all the different projects.
Additionally, we created a video, with testimonials from different employees, collected in the north and center of the country. In it, the first-hand accounts of experiences of working at Ferreira and the feeling of belonging received the spotlight.
After lunch, we invited the guests to “fly the company flag” for the group photo, uniting them under the common brand identity.
The event also included the presence of the motivational speaker, Prof. Nadim Habib, during the morning, and the Portuguese comedian, Luis Franco-Bastos, after lunch.


Strengthening of the team spirit and the connection to the Ferreira group by several event participants.
Clear positioning, stressing that this is a growing group, with ideas for the future and a solid project.
Lots of positive vibes increased the brand’s goodwill and boosted the team’s motivation.

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