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Stories worth feeling


Real Saboaria is a Portuguese brand of home and wellness products – soaps, solid shampoos, hand creams, diffusers, and aromatic ceramics – with the spirit of Portugal at the core of its essence. In 2019, Mojobrands was challenged to refresh the identity of this brand, so as to reach a new target audience, slightly younger, but without ever losing its traditional character.


Today, more than ever, the packaging of a product is used as a means to tell the whole story of the product and its ingredients. Therefore, we take as a starting point the traits of Portugal featured in each product, each collection, and each ingredient, and elevate each of these elements to their full potential.

With the signature “Stories worth feeling”, Real Saboaria proudly represents its Portuguese heritage and offers three fragrance collections with distinct inspirations: Costa, Campo and Tradições. Each line incorporates different facets of some of the greatest treasures of Portuguese tradition, through a thoughtful and sophisticated design process, to tell the story of this beautiful country. The brand transformation started with a re-edition of the original logo. Based on traditional Portuguese typography, it was rethought as an ode to our heritage. We also recreated each package, allowing the past to intertwine with the future, using and re-interpreting great icons and symbols of our culture for each individual line.


We created a new graphic concept for the website. A content-based platform, focusing more on the stories of the brand and the many fragrances. Without ever losing the defined graphic and visual coherence, as a matter of course. We invested in an upgrade in navigation and usability, both on desktop and mobile and one of the major additions was the Journal where Real Saboaria can share tips and articles about its brand, products and their use. In order to bring together all the aesthetics thought for the brand, we also developed a lifestyle and product shooting, where the final result was disclosed on the website and the brand’s social media.


To keep coherence in all brand touchpoints, we implemented a digital launch campaign for this new phase of Real Saboaria. The campaign’s motto was based on the new signature and was promoted on Real Saboaria’s social media networks, creating and releasing short videos that reflect the inspiration behind each of the brand’s collections. This campaign was also disclosed in generalist and lifestyle media, which boosted brand awareness and momentum.

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