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Porto Business School (PBS) in partnership with Mojobrands organized PBS Open Day, an event dedicated to everyone interested in knowing the different programs that the School offers. The challenge was to create an event that reflected the stimulating environment lived in this Business School, as well as give the opportunity to prospective students know the school in a unique and creative way.


Inspired in the age of Portuguese discovery, the Open day become Discovery Day, promoting the surpass of challenges in loco and the conquest of a spot in the School itself after overcoming a series of adversities. Since Porto Business School is a place of knowledge, but also a symbol of great resilience for those that study there, we considered crucial to explore this dichotomy between the hardships faced on the road and the happiness to successfully finish this journey.
The ultimate reward of meeting new people, the opportunity to increase their knowledge and lastly, to better understand the current world dynamics, was the journey proposed by the agency for the Discovery Day.
Essentially, the event was idealized with the focus to promote networking between potential candidates to Porto Business School as well as, the already mentioned, the ability to overcome obstacles.

In the first phase, after the check-in it was offered a Welcome kit that included distinctive kits (pencils for some of the participants and pencil-sharpeners for others) in order to create the need for cooperation among all. Also, an energizing drink cocktail was offered to all guests to encourage teamwork and, as the name suggests, to give an energy boos to face all the challenges ahead.
As a highlight of the Discovery Day, two moments were highly praised by everyone involved: firstly, a game composed of a sequence of questions to identify your student profile displayed across the School space in mystery cubes, while also providing the chance to get to know Porto Business School facilities. Next, the event ended with a dinner with random places in which each guest only had access to a box containing one of more parts of the dinner, once again, encouraging sharing among guests.
The search to break away from the weirdness of the unknown and from the imposition of the presence of others as a motto to create new bonds, made the Discovery Day a unique event. The solution and problem almost come together, because in reality, to know, discover and conquer a space, either it is a space or someone, the biggest risk will always be to not take a step further.

  • The concept was received with enthusiasm by all participants included the PBS Community;
  • Over 100 participants in the event;
  • Constant interaction between potential students avoiding the feeling of embarrassment common to this type of events;

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