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Layers of inspiration


JP Sá Couto (current is a Portuguese business group, with an international presence and which primarily operates in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. Over the last years and as a result of the sustained growth, the company expanded into new complementary areas such as distribution, education, IT services that strengthened their position in the market. Taking into account the growth recorded on past years, JP Sá Couto felt the need torestructure their brand strategy and visual identity, to better reflect the idiosyncrasies of each business unit as well as to communicate the change through the creation of three new websites.


Considering the presence in distinct business areas and the desire to reinforce their position in the national and international context, both in terms of structure and also communication, we proposed a new brand architecture. The rebranding contemplates the create of aumbrella brand – – that gathers the different sub-brands for the new business units of the group – jp.ik, jp.di and

Visually, the concept revolved around the development of a grid that worked as a basis to the construction of a new graphic language, composed of overlays of different plans that cohabit in several dimensions of time and space. The layers represent the progressive and sustained construction of knowledge in terms of communication and information. In the parent brand, the various plans are interconnected by dots exemplifying the connection with people, components and companies of the Each brand has their unique color, meaning and symbols however they share identical characteristics that are common to all brands.

Therefore, anarticulate identity system was created that allowed for the growth and integration of new sub-brands of the group. The layers and transparencies have the necessary elasticity to adjust to the remaining communication, always keeping present the general concept.

Alongside the logos and complementing the visual identities, new signatures weredeveloped having as common ground: inspiration. Despite this identical basis, each business unit possesses a unique descriptive that better represent their vision and personality.

The webdesign was also under Mojobrands care (, and, materializing the dynamic concept built for thre new brands through graphic elements and available information in various layers. This way, aninteractive and immersive experience was provided to users about the jp world.

Already with the brand new identity of jp.ik, we were challenged to develop the design for the stand for the international educational fair named BETT in London. The stand experience was constituted of informational layers, in which people were invited to step in the designated space and discover the company educational system. The information was organized in an outside to inside perspective and from more institutional to more technical.

In conclusion, the ultimate goal was to create an assembling and modern visual identitythat displayed, in one hand, the dimension in the world and, at the same time, clarified both internally and externally the restructuring that the underwent, while expressing their desire to keep inspiring the business world.

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