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EDNIS is a Portuguese premium mattress brand, based in the middle of a small town, that aims to portray Portuguese values and traditions, by showing the world the quality and comfort of what it means to be Made in Portugal. Mojobrands was challenged to renew the brand through a new campaign, focused mainly on the creation of a B2B product catalog.


Our process started with a new approach to the brand logo, making it slightly more minimalist and clean, depicting the premium nature of the product, as well as the intended target audience.

The development of the catalog was our main challenge. Although the initial goal was to create a simple B2B catalog, EDNIS had much more to show as a brand. We felt that their love story with Portugal and their beliefs should be appreciated and expressed along with their prestigious mattresses.

The editorial style of the catalog stayed true to the brand and its core values. The mood was established through the color palette. The deep blue not only connected us to the deepest oceans of the Portuguese coast, surrounding islands, and the mainland but also reminded us of how peaceful a good night’s sleep can be.

Several informative icons were designed and placed in an index at the beginning of the catalog. Each icon represented a method or material used during the production of each item, explaining its functionality and methodology accurately.

We created a different mood and atmosphere for each line. We aimed to not only represent the product itself with all its features, from the manufacturing materials to the small Portuguese embroideries on the lining but also to embed each of these items in the real world, to create a feeling and ambiance desired by its customers.

All of these “rooms” depicted the personality of each product and mirrored a sense of comfort and coziness for those who explored the visuals. Within these sets, Portugal was never forgotten. Some small details could be found in each ensemble, from the swallows of Bordallo Pinheiro, to the wheat of our fields.


The catalog is a hybrid between B2B and B2C, showcasing the technical aspects of each product line while capturing the mood and experience provided, so customers could enjoy the idealized lifestyle. Through this catalog, you can feel what it really means to be a proud Portuguese brand.   

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