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50th Anniversary
Ponta Delgada Airport


Ponta Delgada Airport marked its 50th anniversary in 2019. As such, ANA Aeroportos presented us with the challenge of developing a graphic concept for this event that could convey all the initiatives that would be carried out during the year of the anniversary.


Ponta Delgada Airport is of vital importance not only to the island of Sao Miguel but also to the entire Azores region.
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, we wanted to create a message that could reach a broad audience. We wanted, first of all, to highlight the commitment of all those who work at the airport toward the region. We also wanted to address the passengers and those who are passing through. Finally, we had to reach out to the locals. If the island has all the things it needs to offer, it’s because it has always sought to maintain its identity, growing at no loss to those who live there.

Thus we have come up with the signature “We have only changed for the better.”

With this signature, we set the tone for this celebration and can communicate with all audiences: to tell the airport workers that everyone is proud of their commitment; to let the people of Sao Miguel know that everything that has been done is for the benefit of the region; so that the island’s visitors are aware of the efforts to preserve what made them come by in the first place; and for everyone who leaves to take something worth sharing with them.

Graphics-wise, we tried to showcase the different perspectives of this concept in the many communication pieces. Our goal was to illustrate how, after 50 years, the island still retains all that makes it unique and captivating, by just making improvements where they needed to be made. For that purpose, we used the contrast between black and white and color.

The different campaign pieces were featured in the terminal decoration and printed and digital media.

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