Regina Chocolates

She is Portuguese for real


A brand of reference for the imaginary Portuguese, Regina’s Chocolates has kept its notoriety in the market since 1928. An enduring brand that has been able to reinvent itself throughout trends and time.

The brand wanted to reinforce its abiding quality: traditional but sophisticated and contemporaneous. Therefore, Regina challenged us to re-think their institutional website in order to establish a stronger and more affective relationship with new consumers.


The creative process began with an immersive voyage through the brand’s rich history. The center line for the new website’s identity consisted in creating, for the first time, a brand personification. Regina, the brand’s ambassador, is a young, joyful and old-school affective woman, but her appearance on the brand’s website has an aesthetical context with a contemporaneous user experience.

The web-design focused on a simple and visual approach based on a hyper reality that mixes photography with graphical elements. We created a fun and appetizing environment to get to know Regina’s world and array of available products. You can find out more about Regina’s Chocolates here:

Regarding the brand’s content, we wanted to address this by constructing several moments of people’s daily lives. The menus Duetos and Momentos suggest how to reinvent Regina’s products. We extended this new identity onto their facebook page by invading screens with a colour that has always characterized the chocolate brand: red. We thus created a Regina that was headed for the future by “making the world sweeter”.


– Bigger brand notoriety
– Site usage as a support tool for the company’s commercial work


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