A folded identity


Once again, we are challenge to create a brand from its inception. A brand thought for families inspired in the concept of “One day at the market”. For a long time, Catarina Rio the brand founder, wanted to create a unique space in Porto where various brands could coexist, brands who aren’t easily accessible to northern consumers and could generate interest for both kids and grown-ups. The challenge was set: brand strategy, naming, identity and decoration consultancy.


More than a common clothes store, the goal was to construct a complete, unforgettable, experience for the consumers. Therefore, it was essential to create a concept and naming that combined the child-parent dynamic and, at the same time, sought a perfect balance between the fun and feminine character of the brand.
Taking into consideration the notions of kindness and creativity inherent to all brands present at the store, the basis of inspiration for the concept was origami. This is how Orimamy was born, a true reflection of the brand target public but, at the same time, a symbol of elegance and flexibility, attributes from the traditional and secular Japanese art of folding paper.

With the goal to increase the consumer experience with the brand, we built an identity with a look and feel with a relaxed and fun vibe. The graphic image was supported by the concept and construction of origami, visually explicit through the development of a unique typography, unfolding the concept for the remaining graphic pieces in different shapes, bends and folds characteristic of this paper manipulation technique.
The brand concept is also reinforced by the signature “Born to be playful” and the careful selection of a smooth color palette, inspired in the child universe.
During the development of this project, several communication pieces were produced as well as graphic material for social media and store management.
Lastly, we also aided in the launch and decoration of Orimamys’ physical store.


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