K Line Building the Future Together

Charting the Future


K Line is a national and international reference in the sea transportation and logistics area. For its 10th anniversary, K Line Portugal challenged us to develop a transversal concept for the whole commemorative event, whilst focusing on the key pieces of communications: institutional film and event decoration.


Inspired by brand’s values and attributes and basing the concept on the future and value creation, we chose to create an aspirational message that would go along with the past, present and future of the brand. The concept – Building the future together – was concise and transparent in reference to the last 10 years of K Line Portugal.

With the brands desire to increase routes, markets, clients and contacts at a graphical level we explored the idea of connections, creating a relationship between several moments.

So, we created an invitation that had several red lines across and challenged the guests to bring their invitation to the event to map new routes and connections alongside K Line Portugal.

The whole event was based on the defined concept, since its signage, to its decorative elements and even its performances – such as the video which became the highlight of the event – during which you could understand the importance of K Line and its last 10 years of existence.


– Positive feedback from guests

– Big adhesion to the proposed dynamic

– Increase in brand awareness

– Creation of a new brand language

– Compliments from the parent company and its associate Garland


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