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Imodávila is a premium brand of construction and real estate development, with a strong focus on detail and quality finishes. It presented us with the challenge of highlighting the prestigious position it holds in the market, combining its corporate universe with projects like the Ávila Parques parking lot.


We established the brand strategy and identity, placing the new logo at the center of this project. The creation of this logo was divided into two distinct moments – the symbol and the typography – later merged into a highly distinctive final identity.

The starting point was the previously existing quadrangular shape, to which we added the circular universe of Ávila Parques, thus creating a unifying identity for the two companies. The junction of these two forms highlights the geometric exercises of architecture and can be construed as a magnifying glass, connected to the brand’s dedication and focus on detail, or even a marker that traces the past, the present, and the future.

Since the brand is a benchmark in the construction and architecture fields, the selected typography would have to reflect the precision and accuracy of these two worlds. We, therefore, went for minimal and quite simple typography, but with balanced and refined lines and finishes.

The connection of the selected typography to the symbol resultant from the two initial universes brought about a delicate but robust logo, enough to stand out among so many others in the real estate industry.

Once the identity was settled, we developed applications where the architectural and graphic lines of the symbol unfold into fine outlines, underlining the strong identity of this brand.

Later on, we were challenged to decorate Imodávila’s offices, located in a building in downtown Porto, aiming to express the brand’s new identity, reinforcing its values and positioning.

The project’s driving idea was based on the new logo, translated into shapes, volumes, and colors that intersect the existing space and allow the delimitation and definition of the use and appropriation of spaces, granting them an identity and character capable of awakening in the visitor sensations of comfort, well-being, and surprise.

When it comes to colors and textures, our purpose was to create a balance between the plasticity of color patches and the robustness of materials such as wood and metallic elements.

The “clash” between the pre-existence of historical architectural value and the introduction of contemporary elements enabled the construction of a narrative of pieces and objects that assert themselves in place along the route, leading to an experience of memorable use and visit.

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