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With the goal to continue to spread Parfois name across borders and encourage the contact and share with their target-public, we were asked by Parfois to present the new collection FW16/17 to a selected and exclusive number of public figures and influencers, inspired in the concept of “Home is”.


The materialization of this concept was based on several sensorial experiences that transmitted and recreated the family comfort and spirit, making all guests feel like they were at home even though the big majority came from foreign countries.
To accomplish this goal, the entire space was personalized in detail to become a more intimate and welcoming area. The highlight was the room of each blogger where specific elements were tailor-made for each of them, with emphasis for the personalized pillow with their name, a small music box with their favorite music, a custom-made bath kit according to their individual taste, personal photos and even other highly appreciated items such as magazines and beloved quotes.

The event took place in Óbidos, Portugal and was composed of 4 key moments: lunch, group activities, the collection presentation and lastly, dinner. Among the activities, it is important to mention the wine tasting, the olive oil flavoring and bread baking as sharing moments with the direct involvement of bloggers resulting in their own dinner preparation.
One of the most praised part of the event was the new collection presentation that took place in a giant closet fully decorated with carefully selected pieces of the collection. Then, the bloggers were invited to select and dress their favorites pieces for a photo shoot in the garden. At the end of the event, the guests came together in an intimate and emotional session where they had the chance to share their own stores by the fire while also offered a celebrational bracelet to always remember the time shared with the Parfois family.


Overall, in terms of reach and impact, the event resulted in 200,000 likes on Instagram; more than 370,000 interactions in related pots and around 100,000 video views.


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