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Bring students to the Forum


Coimbra Forum is a shopping mall located in the shores of Mondego River, usually frequented by adults, families and upper-classes of the city. Until then, the relationship with younger public was deteriorated and underdeveloped which allowed to be worked unto its full potential.

The challenge we faced was to think and build interactive Call-to-actions that would bring the desired public into the shopping mall, turning it into a benchmark meeting space for younger generations.


With the goal to build new relations with the younger public of the city, several actions were developed over the years that increased the presence in Forum Coimbra in the young adults’ schedule. Mojobrands wanted to be present in the moments shared between the target public and Coimbra Forum.

We reached a transversal theme – rock music – that lead the Forum to be present in Coimbra academic parties through numerous and distinctive actions namely “À boleia do Rock”, Rock Battles and “The Beat Machine”.


Inserted in the context of the biggest academic celebration of the country – Queima das Fitas – an action was developed bringing closer, students and music. Coimbra Forum was present through initiatives such as the “Rock Bus” which transported students to the event precinct, a special ticket with exclusive offers; and through unique presences in the festival, like for example, the main stage décor, the “Rock Truck Band” and the “Rock Crowdsurf”.


Remaining true to the desire of being even closer to the young public, in 2012 and 2013, the “Rock Battles” were launched. A contest that allowed amateur bands to display their talent, giving them the opportunity to self-promote and increase their fan base. A facebook app was developed to manage the contest, the most voted in a pre-selection phase gain the right to participate in a battle concert. It was up to the public to select which band moved on to the next phase and, by the same method, of clap measuring, vote for the winning band to have a shot to watch one of the following concerts: Motorhead (2012), Artic Monkeys (2013) and perform in the “Latada” stage. During this event, there was also the possibility to distribute merchandising, personalized t-shirts and, above all things, to create a strong rock environment.

Rock Battle Stages
Decibil meter


The concept that inspired “The Beat Machine” draw inspiration from “Latada” original concept that lead to a unique and exclusive music instrument: a percussion settlement made of tin cans and recycled materials. In this challenge, the public was dared to perform alongside professional drummers in a stage in “Latada”. All the performances were recorded, published in a Facebook app and then ranked according to users votes.

Facebook App


À Boleia do Rock
– 150 Rock Pass sold;

– More than 1.500 trips on the Rock Bus;
– More than 12.000 young adults watched the Rock Band Truck concerts;

– 200 trips on Rock Crowdsurf;
– Distribution of 5000 pins and flyers;
– More than 200.000 people impacted by the stage visibility and outdoors.

The Beat Machine
– Participation of over 80 “musicians” playing in the “The Beat Machine”;

– Considered a unique and unforgettable experience by all participants;
– Distribution of 1,500 glasses and 350 t-shirts of Coimbra Forum;
– More than 1,800 young adults watched the concerts.

Rock Battles 2012 e 2013

– 8 bands selected in each edition;
– Opportunity to play in the main stage of “Latada de Coimbra”;
– Increased visibility of Coimbra Forum;
– Distribution of 2,450 merchandising kits;
– Tremendous repercussion in local mass media. Media Partner of “Antena 3” with press releases and live interviews.


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