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Descolar is a Social Solidarity Cooperative that has the goal to support disadvantaged children with dyslexia. Beginning with the name descolar, this in English means “Take off”, the challenge proposed to Mojobrands was to create the whole graphic concept.


The starting point for the development of this brand was the verb descolar an action verb associated with the take off action of a plane, which we symbolically used as the take off to a new place in this case, a take off to a new way of learning. Following this the signature developed was “Learn on board” inviting in this way the children to visit Descolar in a way that would improve their learning and scholar performance.
The identity combined the iconic element of education, the pencil, and a plane. Because this brand targets a younger public, we devised a more figurative identity, guided by transversal simplicity to all the pieces.
We also created a t-shirt as the key element for the fundraising call to action. The shirt “Fly with no limits” symbolically intends to give wings to the little ones, from 4 to 10.
The brand materials that were created, like the shirt and the respective label, reinforces an analogy between the take off and the learning.


The cooperative won notoriety and had a news report in two marketing magazines: Marketeer and Briefing.


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