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We were challenged to create a new shoe brand, with a distinctive special factor: its unique and premium prints, which stand out from the crowd. The brand would have espadrilles, sneakers, and mules, all with high quality and comfort. This challenge included the development of strategy, identity, campaign video, and social media management.


The suggested naming for the brand was “Cantaloupe”, and it conveyed some of what the brand was aiming for – freshness and lightness. However, we felt that the brand was much more than that. After analyzing and defining the strategy, we realized that we had to give expression to its artistic nature because all the patterns are designed in-house and the product is thought of as if it were a piece of art. Therefore, the combination of the two words – Cantaloupe Studio – represented everything we intended for the brand.

Regarding identity, we started from a parallel: on one side, the melon that gives the brand its name, and on the other, the world. The inspiration of the world comes from the fact that Cantaloupe Studio is a brand of enormous ambition and versatility, that allies style with comfort, and can be worn both in summer and winter, in casual or formal moments, at work, or in leisure.

Out of this inspiration then comes the logo that unfolds in different versions. Playing with the half and full circles, together with the strokes that are, firstly, associated with the hemispheres and, secondly, with the natural designs of the melons. As for lettering, we designed a font for the brand to convey a more premium and distinguished look.

Concerning the chromatic palette, we were inspired by the colors of the melon, salmon and green, and then added some earth tones, to give the brand some differentiation. To complete the strategy, we created a brand signature – “stamp your individuality” – with the dual function of expressing one of the unique features of the brand, its prints, along with the major goal of being a standout product for women with attitude and courage.


After creating the brand, we then went on to plan the launch of the brand. This launch included a campaign video and photoshoot, based on the “stamp of art” concept. To do so, we used different elements of artistic compositions as a backdrop to present the collection. 

With regard to the management of the brand’s social media, we sought to create diversified content, not just focusing on the product, but also showing a glimpse of the brand’s lifestyle and the creative process behind it.

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