Banco Carregosa Affluent

The right movement


Banco Carregosa is one of the oldest financial institutions in the country, with over 180 years of history, in the brokering and banking sectors.
With the goal of expanding their services, the bank commissioned Mojobrands to create an identity and communication approach, aimed at a new segment.
The affluent segment is made up of a younger, more technological audience, than the one usually served by the bank. As such, they also have a lower entry capital point than usual, when opening a bank account.


Due to its high brand equity, the creation of something new, while at the same time remaining faithful to the past, proved to be a challenge. Given that this target group aspires to grow and evolve, a positioning based on movement was created: “Forward”.
To communicate this concept, whilst respecting the brand’s heritage, the column in the symbol was simplified, by cropping it, in an ascending line. For the typography, the choice was to break away from the past, as a means of conveying change and modernity.

The identity system, in line with the movement of the investments and with the attainment of personal goals, relies on cropped images, inspired by the straight lines in the symbol, to represent dynamics.
For the brand’s communication, the choice was to balance rational and emotional claims. As such the graphical pieces aim to appeal to different consumer personas, with different motivations, by making use of photos which show the fulfillment of different dreams and objectives, relevant to the segment.


The brand meets the bank’s need, of serving a market with growing expectations of movement towards the future.
As a way of creating a bigger impact with clients and prospects, the launch of the brand coincided with inauguration of a new branch.
The hope is that this new brand will inspire new investments, at Banco Carregosa.


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