TEDx Amarante

A TedX for the future


TEDx Amarante was created by a combination of two team’s ambitious desires. Athos wanted to bring TEDx to the city of Amarante and one of the members of the managing team wanted to organize an event that would focus on discussing, promoting and sharing of ideas regarding the importance of the education’s future.

The challenge was then set: to create and develop an identity that would communicate this ambition whilst harmonizing with the TEDx brand.


The focus given to the creative development of this identity was the general idea of the conference: Education.

From our brainstorming session we extracted several concepts about learning, evolution, narrative and young-life. We summarized these concepts into the image of a pencil, a figure and material present in all these moments or actions. With a pencil one learns, teaches, draws, writes, etc. We thus used the pencil crossed over itself in the form of an X in TEDx. This idea was then applied to brochures, posters, fold outs, t-shirts, etc. An animated intro for the website was also developed.


– Brand impact of Mojobrands on over 100 people
– Excellent reception of the image by the event’s participants, which reflected on new businesses for Mojobrands.


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