Optimus Primavera Sound

The festival that connected Porto


Primavera Sound Festival is a music festival that shapes new trends and considered to be one of the most charismatic festivals of the world. In 2012, for the first time, this festival arrived at Porto by Optimus. There was a need to create a communication in accordance to the lifestyle of the festival.


Several actions were developed to communicate the essence of the festival both before it started as well as during the festival, with the goal to improve consumers experience at the festival. Through a Facebook app, Porto citizens were challenged to receive in their home foreign or other Portuguese cities festival enthusiasts.
With the goal to spread the brand across Porto City Park, picnic towels were offered as a brand gift, allowing for people to enjoy the most of the grass field. In line with the festival lifestyle, the public was encouraged to use bikes as means of transport to the festival. To accommodate this request, a “cloakroom” was designed to safeguard the bicycles inside of the park.


– Picnic towel was the photo of the day in the communication means;
– Great inflow to the bikes parking lot;
– In the following editions, due to the huge success these actions were kept.


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